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Beena Beauty Salon Services

Beauty Services Price Waxing Price
Eyebrow threading $5.00 Eyebrow waxing $6.00
Lip threading $3 Lip waxing $4
Full Face threading with free face mask $25 Full Face waxing with free face mask $25.00
Chin threading $3.00 Chin waxing $4.00
Manicure $7.00 Full Body Waxing $120.00
Full Body Sea weed wrap $150.00 Full Body Scrub with Shower $150.00
Full Body Toxin Wrap $150.00
Pedicure $15.00 Full Legs waxing $35.00
Full Body massage $30.00/hr Half legs waxing $25
Head Massage $15/15min Full Arms waxing $25
Foot Massage $25/hr Under arms waxing $10.00
Henna Tattoo $5.00 Brazilian wax $35.00
Hair Henna $25.00 Bikini wax $15.00
Eyebrow Henna $10.00 Back Wax $20.00
Eyelashes regular $25.00 Stomach wax $15.00
Eyelashes mink $75.00 Repechage Seasmooth Artisan Lip Wax Ask for price
Ear piercing $25.00 Nose piercing $30.00
Facials Price Laser Price
Photo Facial with peel laser $250.00 Biolight with back massage 10mins $95 per session
Repechage Four Layer with back massage for 10 mins $95.00 Laser Full Face $50 per session
Repechage Hydra Dew Express Lift Mask $55.00 Brazilian Laser $50.00 per session
Repechage Seaweed Treatment Mask $55.00 Under arms laser $50.00 per session
Repechage Hydra Medic Facial with Back Massage 10 mins $95.00 Full legs laser $400.00 per session
Repechage Clinical Facial $95.00 Half Legs Laser $200.00 per session
Repechage Biolight Facial $95.00 Half arms Laser $130 per session
Repechage Red-Out Facial with back massage $95.00 Men beard Laser $50 per session
Repechage Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial $95.00 Men chest laser $250.00
Repechage Lamina Lift Mask $25.00 Men back laser $200.00
Repechage Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment $40.00 Stomach Laser $55.00
Repechage Biolight Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel $30.00
Mini Facial $40.00 Male Laser Call for pricing
Herbal Facial $55.00
Gold/Silver facial $55.00
Diamond Facial $65.00
Face whiting $15.00
Herbal Facial $55.00
Make-up Price Hair Price
Updos $35.00/$45.00/$65.00 Long hair color $25.00/$35.00
Prom makeup $80.00 Long Hair Color $50.00/$95.00
Make up $45.00/$50.00 Hair Cut $15.00/$18.00/$25.00
American Bridal Makeup $150.00 Hair Extension Ask for price
Birdal Indian Makeup $250.00-$300.00 All Dominican Hair Ask for price
Lipo Without Surgery $120.00
Lipo Stomach $55.00 for half hour
Glutes Lifting Treatment $75.00
Localized Fat Treatment $120.00
Anti-Cellulite Treatment $75.00
Lymphatic Drainage $75.00
Face & Skin Tightenting $50.00
Other Services Price
Vichy Shower With Scrub $150.00

Located in the heart of Long Island. We have been established since 2000 providing all kinds of beauty services.